Frameless Showers in West Palm Beach, FL

Are you ready for a beautiful look in your West Palm Beach, FL, bathroom? Instead of the traditional shower, try frameless shower doors.

Why Frameless Showers?

While many people still rely on the traditional framed shower, a frameless shower offers many benefits:

  • Beautiful design: A frameless shower door enhances your bathroom’s look.
  • Durable glass: Because the glass shower doors lack a frame, the glass is thicker and stronger.
  • Resale value: Many buyers want the frameless shower in their new home. A frameless shower door installation will boost the price of your home.
  • More space: Without the confines of a frame, a frameless shower door provides more light and space within your bathroom.
  • Safe components: Frameless shower doors are equipped to guard against potential injuries. They work well in children’s bathrooms and bathrooms designed with accessibility in mind.
  • Easy maintenance: Without the frame, a shower is less likely to grow bacteria. A frameless shower also reduces soap scum, lime, and corrosion.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why frameless showers are the showers of the future.

Why Our Shower Door Company?

When you want a frameless shower door, we know you have many options. Here are a few reasons why Superior Frameless Showers is your best choice:

  • We have decades of experience
  • We offer quality work at affordable prices
  • We’re the direct manufacturer of our glass doors
  • We have a good reputation and stellar customer reviews

If you’re ready for a beautiful new frameless shower, call Superior Frameless Showers today at (754) 666- 4056.