At Superior Frameless Showers, we offer our clients a lifetime warranty on all hardware plus a limited lifetime warranty on all our enclosures! 

At Superior Showers, we are so confident in our hardware that if any tarnishing, rusting or mechanical issues arise we guaranty a full replacement. We are so confident in our well-trained staff that we offer our customers a 1 year warranty on all frameless shower door installs, after that, we offer a lifetime guaranty for any possible issue with your enclosure for a service call fee of $75-$125, depending on the type of enclosure. We ask that you read the terms and conditions below that stand for every installation.

Hardware issues not covered by Superior Frameless Showers; but not limited to; are scratches, dents, dings, any cosmetic damages due to improper care, though the labor is covered for 1 year of installation date, the consumer is responsible for a replacement labor service charge of $75-$125 or brining in faulty hardware to Superior Frameless Showers for replacement. 

Terms and Conditions 

Superior Frameless Showers (SFS); strives to create and install your frameless shower enclosure as tight and aligned as possible; however, due to circumstances beyond our control we cannot fabricate the glass to conform to bellies, bows, uneven tile, and/or poor workmanship performed by other contractors/installers. Superior Frameless Showers will not be held responsible for any structural integrity of the wall or any other mounting surfaces including but not limited to; cracked surface material due to removal or installation of frameless shower enclosure. The installation process requires hole drilling into tile, marble bases and sometimes tubes to properly secure your enclosure unit. Superior Frameless Showers is not responsible for any damages to any surface or material during the installation or removal of any application. Small gaps are necessary for your shower door to function. Even with steam units, there is no way to guarantee 100% of the steam/water will not leak. Superior Frameless Showers is not responsible for any damage caused by consistent steam/water leaks. Water/steam leak damage can be caused by an incorrect pitch of the shower/base/tube, a correctly constructed unit can help eliminate most of these issues. Even though Superior Frameless Showers fabricates the doors and enclosure to fit the given size of the unit, there still may be water/steam leaks. The customer should take into consideration the positioning or direction of aim of the showerhead, or any sprayer inside the unit and understand that frameless showers are made to deflect water not retain it. Enclosures will be centered on the curb unless otherwise specified in writing on the contract. Each shower enclosure is custom made to fit the specification of each opening. Frameless shower doors are meant to swing in both directions, however due to incorrect pitch, mitered door to glass, doors may be only able to swing in one direction. SFS will not be responsible if there are any flaws or leaking caused by the notching out of decorative tiles or structure done by our installers, when pitch of curb is done incorrectly you are more prone to water leakage. We will do our best to work with the pitch of your curb, but we cannot guaranty leakage will not occur. It is recommended you have all tile work adjusted prior to our design appointment. SFS is not responsible for any structural changes made after SFS has taken final measurements, customers assume any costs due to alterations made after the final changes. All defects, such as scratches, chips, flaws, etc., must be brought to SFS attention in writing and sent directly to sales@SuperiorFramelessShowers.com within 24 hours of installation. SFS will attempt to cover holes from existing unit that was removed, however, we are not responsible for covering or filling the holes that were made from the old unit. We also assume no liability for unseen circumstances, such as drilling into a pipe that is hidden behind a wall. SFS strongly recommends that the contractor/customer inform us of any issues behind the walls prior to installation of the frameless shower enclosure. By signing your invoice no other alterations can be made to your measured opening and the customer assumes 100% responsibility in full payment of the balance.

Gap Allowances 

Gap tolerances between glass to glass, or glass to wall may vary between 1/16” to 1/4“vinyl seals are available free of charge only at time of installation, otherwise the customer can be subject to a service call fee to have a SFS representative return to install weathering strips after an installation has been completed and paid in full. Vinyl seals are a wear and tear item that with time can discolor/deteriorate, in which case it would be the customer’s expense to replace.


During the tempering process glass warpage may occur, which would remain within acceptable tempering association guidelines. Specifications are available upon request only.

Shower Unit Guidelines.

Mirror and Flat Glass Allowances

All mirrors must be allowed a 3/16” gap all the way around the mirror. Flat glass and mirror products must be allowed a 1/8” plus or minus tolerance based on the measurements supplied.

Production Time 

Superior Frameless Showers production times provided are just an estimate. Delays may occur and the fabrication process may take longer than expected. The customer will be contacted to schedule installation as soon as the customer’s order is complete. SFS assumes no responsibility for any costs that may occur due to any delay in our process of the installation of any glass or mirror products.

Appointment Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy 

All appointments must be performed during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. 

A 48-hour notice is required when changing or canceling an appointment. Missed or canceled appointments without 48-hour notice from the customer will endure a $65.00 rescheduling fee.